Make Deals, Get Rich, Or Die Trying

Make deals, get rich, or die trying in this unique blend of business management and life-sim. Buy, upgrade and trade businesses for a profit while attempting to maintain relationships and your own wellbeing in the process.

Welcome to Cedarwood City, kid!

You’re jobless, you’re friendless, and you’ve got a rather high rent bill to meet by the end of the month.  Fortunately, Cedarwood City is a bustling new place with lots of people and plenty of opportunities.


You could join the gym and work your way up the fitness ladder. Or perhaps you fancy your luck as a regional manager of the beloved chain of Nom Nom’s fast food restaurants?


Or maybe you'd prefer to take advantage of the rather loose trading laws in Cedarwood City?


After all the real money to be made is in flipping businesses, not burgers.

Latest Development Update

Time Is Everything

Every action takes time out of your day, so manage it effectively. Will you take an hour to walk to work? Or call a cab so that you can sneak in a quick breakfast before that big meeting this morning?

Work-Life Balance

Keep on top of your needs and maintain your wellbeing to remain as healthy as possible. It’s easy to get distracted by work sometimes, but it won’t end well if you neglect yourself.

Friends in High Places

Build skills and relationships to get the most out of trading. Making friends with an important contact could give you the edge when you’re negotiating a big deal.

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